Welcome! Thank you for checking out the Node.js Course Preview.

In this course I will assume you start with zero practical Node.js knowledge.

The course however has a few prerequisites:

  • Familiarity with Web Technologies
  • Basic JavaScript Knowledge
  • Know how to use a Code editor

You don’t need to be a wizard in any of those. Basic knowledge will suffice.

To get up to speed with JavaScript language, before taking the course read my free JavaScript Fundamentals ebook, available here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/br1hqzmsub8exdt/JavaScript%20Fundamentals.pdf?dl=0

Also, read my Node.js Handbook where I explain all the theory used in this course. This course is practical, so if you need to dive a bit in the Node.js fundamentals, or a specific topic, the handbook is the best resource I can recommend.

You can also read it online at http://nodehandbook.com.

It’s also good to know at what stage you will be after completing the course: you will have a lot of Node.js concepts in your hands, and you will also have your first Node.js projects 100% working.

The course is highly practical. Here are the 5 projects you will build in the course:

  • a REST API server using MongoDB and Express
  • a Google Analytics Dashboard using the Google APIs
  • an Email Newsletter software (kinda like Mailchimp) using Express and Airtable
  • a Real-Time Chat using ChatKit
  • a cool Telegram Bot

Ready to go? Check out the free preview of project #3!